An experienced and nurturing coach, Emily Chase helps actors open emotionally, unlock their unique creativity, and make smart, exciting choices.

In private sessions or on the set, Emily helps both adults and young people:

  • Prepare TV and film auditions to win the room and book the job

  • Dig into film and TV scripts to unlock the material and make an on-camera performance vivid and memorable

  • Sharpen monologues for stand-out theater auditions

  • Make their voices and speech clear, expressive, and flexible


Contact Emily today at, and start unlocking your potential.


“Emily has an amazing way of pushing you past boundaries you didn’t even know existed! She was crucial in helping me develop a role I was looking forward to playing by showing me the strengths in my weaknesses and the weaknesses in my strengths.” 

- Erika Soto

"After just one coaching session with Emily, I was able to deliver "one of the best auditions we've seen in years," as reported by a director in the room. So happy I went in to see her. Highly recommended.”

- David Lorell

"Last spring I brought Emily an old monologue that hadn't been working for me in auditions. I ended up booking The Tempest with that piece right after our coaching. She can really do everything, but I think she's particularly gifted with making the language of a piece come alive and honoring the writing while still helping you make it your own.” 

- Simone McAlonen

"Emily is perceptive and she knows how to unleash the potential within you. She will challenge you to move outside your comfort zone to experience the breakthrough you need as an actor. I trusted Emily's coaching because it was authentic, sincere, and on point. Emily is the real deal.”


- Kim Eberhardt

"Emily has been a wonderful support to me as I transition from screen to stage. Thanks to her tutelage, I was able to modify my quiet, nuanced on-screen acting to fill the theatre with my voice, while continuing to maintain the same intended emotion and drive.”

- Casey McKinnon

"Emily is an uncommonly knowledgable, generous, and kind acting teacher. After studying with her, my approach to work has changed in a way that I will undoubtably carry through the rest of my career.” 

- Andrew Garrett