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A Little House Christmas

“Beautifully directed by Emily Chase and featuring a superb cast… A Little House Christmas is high on heart.”


The Hollywood Times: 

“Superbly directed by Emily Chase and a wonderful to–die-for realistic set constructed by Stephen Gifford… A Little House Christmas does not disappoint. Emily Chase has assembled a wonderful cast whose chemistry on stage just makes this production a delight to watch.”


Cousin Bette

LA Weekly:

“With pathos, Emily Chase plays the sweetly protective wife...” 


The Liar
LA Weekly:

“A crisp introduction to a little–seen work, highly influential in its day... Director and company take the plot complications at an impressive trot...Emily Chase’s Jacinta is bright and open...”


Round And Round The Garden

LA Weekly:

“Emily Chase provides brisk and clever direction...” 

Peace in Our Time

Backstage Critic's Pick:

“Emily Chase inhabits defiant nationalist Janet Braid with an acerbic potency that ignites JD Cullum's brilliantly detailed Nazi collaborator Chorley Bannister; [they] are electrifying…” 


Tonight at 8:30

Daily Variety:

“TONIGHT AT 8:30 impresses with terrific acting, sparkling wit and unexpectedly strong drama...Chase is very good as the cool-even-when-impassioned Coward heroine.” 


She Stoops To Folly

LA Times:

“A wonderfully absorbing play– Emily Chase is very funny as an overly powdered and crinolined prostitute.”



“For splendid character acting, we look admiringly at the work of Emily Chase...”

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